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Born and raised in Terre Haute, Indiana, Becky Gropp Hochhalter is a self-taught, lifelong artist who has been creating art since childhood.

Becky works in digital drawing, painting and illustration, traditional oil and acrylic painting and fine detailed pencil drawings, photography and faux finishes. Most recently she has been creating “natural abstracts” by combining nature photography with acrylic and metal elements to create unique art pieces.

For over 27 years, Becky has worked in art related fields including advertising and computer graphics. Her graphic design work has been printed for public events and in public media. Her award-winning art has been displayed both regionally and nationally including shows at the Swope Art Museum, Clabber Girl Museum Gallery, Heinl’s Garden Studio and the Raven Gallery in Terre Haute, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, Gaslight Art Colony in Marshall, Illinois, the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago, Illinois and New York, New York.

You can contact Becky at 812.877.9487 or

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